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Who Can Donate

Who Can donate?
Minimum Blood Donor Requirements:

Age: between 18 and 65 years (to become a whole blood donor), 70 years (maximum age to continue the donation activities for periodic donors), as advised by a physician
Weight: Over 50 Kg
Heart Rate: between 50-100 beats per minute (less for those who practice sports)
Blood Pressure: between 110 and 180 mm Hg (systolic or MAX) / 60 to 100 mm Hg (diastolic or MIN)
General Health Condition: Good
Lifestyle: No risky behavior

Automatic Exclusion:
Those who have a history of the following will be automatically excluded:
  • consumption of drugs
  • alcholism
  • sexual relationships at high risk of transmission of infectious diseases (i.e. promiscuous, occasional)
  • hepatitis or jaundice
  • venereal illnesses
  • Resulting positive in a syphilis test (TPHA o VDRL)
  • Resulting positive in an AIDS test (anti-HIV 1)
  • Resulting positive in a hepatitis B test (HBsAg)
  • Resulting positive in a hepatitis C test (anti-HCV)
  • relationships with persons who have the any of the conditions on the list above

Minimum period between one whole blood donation and the other is 90 days.

The annual frequency of donations must not exceed 4 times a year for men and 2 times a year for women.

Click here for the donor selection protocol.
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