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Who We Are
Avis is an association of volunteers (registered in the Regional Register and regulated by Law 266/91) formed between those who donate voluntarily, free of charge, periodically and anonymously their own blood.
 It is a non-partisan association, nondenominational, without discrimination of race, sex, religion, language, nationality, political ideology and is a non-profit organization. It only pursues goals of human solidarity.

Founded in Milan in 1927 by dr. Vittorio Formentano, it was officially incorporated as an Italian Volunteer Blood Association in 1946, recognized by law of the Italian State in 1950. Today, AVIS is now a private entity with legal personality and public purpose and contributes to the purpose of the National Health Service for the community. It funds its institutional and associative activities on constitutional principles of democracy, social participation and by volunteers who’s central and indispensable priority is that of human solidarity.
The goals set by the Statute were and are: to meet the growing demand for blood, to have healthy donors who are ready and able to donate in all blood groups and to freely donate blood to everyone, without discrimination.

Anyone can join AVIS for free and those who donate their blood will do so voluntarily and anonymously. Those who cannot donate, due to reasons that have made them ineligible, are free to collaborate with all the promotional and organizational activities.
AVIS is an association of volunteers: donors are volunteers and its leaders are volunteers.
AVIS is present throughout the country with a well-developed structure, divided into 3,180 municipal seats, 111 provincial offices, 22 regional offices and the National AVIS, whose main body is the National Council.
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